Okay, let’s take a look at what I was supposed to accomplish by today and see how I did.

  • Get business cards for agent pitches and networking at MWG Conference (check).
  • Get pitch sessions set up for MWG Conference (2 set up and 1 to go).
  • Tweak first 2-pages of novel for slush pile 2-page read at MWG Conference (check).
  • Get master class assignment for MWG Conference and edit first chapter of novel for same (check – edited and attending Jeannie Lin’s class).
  • Turn in Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignment by the end of today (check – turned it in yesterday).
  • Have first of 15 blog posts done by today (check).
  • Start rereading Story Engineering to help with restructuring of first novel (I’m supposed to have this reread by 4-16-11, and I’m half through, so ahead of schedule there).

ROW80 has really jazzed me to push through some things I hadn’t been able to get to without the twice weekly deadlines.  I’m pretty pumped.  Now to keep the momentum going.