Wow, what a week.  The Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference was awesome.  It was my first writers’ conference, and I had a blast.  The networking, craft classes, and pitching were all new to me in the writing world, and I loved it.  So let’s check in to see how I’ve done on my ROW80 goals since Wednesday.

  • Add another blog to my queue. (check)
  • Review a section of WordPress to better understand how to blog. (check)
  • Finish two pages of writing for the slush pile reading. (nope – I didn’t give myself enough time to do this AND work on my pitch, so I decided to work more on my pitch)
  • Reread Story Engineering to help with restructuring of first novel. (I read more and I’m ahead of schedule)
  • Make NLT 5 writer/agent contacts in addition to pitches. (check – about 15)
  • Attend NLT 3 writing classes. (check – 5 one hour classes and 1 three hour master class)
  • Pitch to NLT 3 agents. (I pitched to two, and talked extensively to a third but didn’t pitch because she said I shouldn’t since I haven’t finished my manuscript.  Having said that, one agent asked me to submit the first two chapters of my manuscript for review.  I sent that to her today.)

So, I didn’t hit everything, but the MRG Conference was a major deal this week.  Now to put some of that great informatin to use, and keep my fingers crossed on the submitted manuscript.  On to next week.