I didn’t accomplish much this past week, but I’m still pretty pumped.  The reason is that I knew it and planned ahead.  Therefore, I should be in good shape for the remainder of the 80 days.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I am in charge of our company’s sales and therefore also in charge of national sales meeting we had this past week.  It was awesome, of course, and I have so much to do at work because of the great ideas that came out of it that it’s overwhelming.  But that’s a problem I can handle.  So, where am I right now on my ROW80 goals?  Let’s see:

  • The Missouri Writers’ Guild is long gone and I posted about that when it was happening.  However, one of the unexpected things was a request from an agent to submit two chapters.  I received a rejection letter from her this week, but that’s okay.  Now I feel like a real writer.  If I don’t put myself out there then I’ll never be published.
  • I did not submit my Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignment Wednesday, but I did let Kristen know ahead of time.  This was due to the sales meeting, and I’m going to finish this coming week’s assignment today.
  • I did not add a blog to my queue by Wednesday, but I did this morning and will have two more written by Wednesday so I will be caught up.
  • I’m in the same situation with WordPress learning, i.e. didn’t do one last Wednesday, did one early this morning, and will review two by Wednesday’s check in to catch up.
  • My biggest concern is where I am on having Act I written by the end of ROW80.  I finished the second read of Larry Brown’s book, but I’m way behind on characters.  My timeline has me finishing the character bios by next Saturday, and that’s going to be a push.  I’ll know better by Wednesday if I think I’ll need to redo my timeline for ROW80.

Thanks to everyone that commented last weekend.  The encouragement was amazing.

Until next check in,