Okay guys, things are much more on track today than before.  I’m still not caught up completely, but I’m close enough I can get there in a week or so.

I was very touched by those of you who have experienced having to adjust goals, and commented with great support and encouragement.  Just so you know, I’m pretty new to the whole novel writing gig.  I’ve written songs, poetry, and a few short stories before, but nothing close to a novel length story.  It’s a totally different realm for the writer, but the thing I’ve found most interesting is how open and supportive the writing community is.  It’s overwhelming at times the outpouring of support.  Thank you for commenting on my last post.  It really meant a lot to know you’re going through the same things and passed on your experiences to help me.  It actually inspired one of my future blog posts (one of my goals) that I now have in queue titled “Making vs. Taking Time to Write.”  So, on to my update.

  • Submit Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignment – check (posted it just prior to writing this update).
  • Add two blogs to my queue for my goal of 15 (one for today and one catch up) – check
  • Review two WordPress sections (one for today and one catch up) – check (should finish by next check in with last section)
  • Have character bios finished by May 1 – I’m still a little behind on this, but I should catch up within a week and will just have to push through it

I hope everyone else is doing well.  Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion, and thanks for dropping in.