Where did the first part of the week go?  It has been HOW (#3[[ on wheels).  Oh well, if it was easy anybody could do it, right?  I’m starting to get disgusted about the WIP character bios taking so long.  I do one, put more info in, have to go back to a previous one, then I add things to her, that changes two others, and so on and so forth.  I think at the end of the day I just completely underestimated how long these will take.  Can you say goal adjustment.  Ughhh.  Again, if it was easy…..?  So, where am I?

  • Submitted character bio (mentor) for Warrior Writer Boot Camp on time (just submitted it before check in).  BTW, just so I don’t confuse anyone, these bios are for a new story and the ones mentioned above are for a WIP that I’m rewriting because I wrote myself into a rabbit hole I couldn’t get out of.  HEY, maybe that’s why those darn bios are taking me so long.  I digress.
  • Add another blog to my queue at each check in. (done – 9 down, 6 to go)
  • Finish character bios for WIP.  Uhhh, I’ve beat that dead horse enough already.

So, where are you guys?  What are your Achilles heels in ROW80 so far?  How are you addressing them?  Any suggestions on shortening character bios? 😉

Later guys,