My first try at ROW80 started out great.  I was knocking out every item and feeling great.  Then life happened and I fell into some areas that I wasn’t ready to go into with my story.  I procrastinated and then completely fell off of the wagon.  So, here I am to take another swing.  I’ve also enlisted the help of my ROWbro, Gene Lempp, to help me stay accountable.  So here we go with my new goals for the next 80 days.

1) I turn in each of my WWBC (Warrior Writer Boot Camp) assignments as they are due.  These are due by midnight Wednesday of each week, but some assignments may take longer than one week to finish. 

2) I complete Kristen Lamb’s “Blogging To Build Your Brand and Your Fan Base” course in July, and implement what I learn during ROW80.  Note:  I will adjust my goal once I complete the course, as doing so now will probably not be accurate.
3) I score a minimum of 114 points in 750words each month during ROW80. I seriously doubt I will write each and every day, so this gives me one day a week I can miss.  I think I figured the numbers correctly based upon the FAQ there.

4) I read two craft books and one fiction book during ROW80, and post a blog reviewing each.  The two craft books are “The 11 Secrets of Getting Published” and “A Dash of Style” and the fiction book is “Outlander”.

5) I comment on and tweet links to NLT 15 blogs per week. 

So here we go ROW’ers.