Well, here we are in day three of ROW80, and I’m off to a good start.  However, I did that last ROW80 and ended up burning out before the end.  I’m not going to beat myself up for doing well on this one, but I also don’t want to get high only to be disappointed when it is all said and done.  So I’ll stay on an even keel and just say things are going well and I hope they stay that way.  Let’s look at the different areas.

My first goal is to turn in my Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignements on time.  I don’t have one due this week, as my last critique will come my way today, and any changes will be due next Wednesday.

Goal number two is to finish the Write It Forward class and adjust goals accordingly once I finish.  I signed up, and I finished my 100 words assignment last night awaiting Kristen’s signal to post them at some point.  It appears this is a pretty large online class, and should be interesting to see how things go.  There are people from all over the world and their interests in writing and blogging are very diverse.

Third in line is what I’m doing right now, which is the www.750words.com writing exercise.  I’ve written my 750 words each day, and I find it the kick in the pants I need to get numerous writing exercises done.  I did my 100 words exercise for Kristen’s class yesterday while finishing my 750 words, and it worked very well for me.  On days I don’t have something I want to write it just kind of frees the mind.  Today I couldn’t sleep, and so I decided to get up early and “get ‘er done” early.

Fourth on the list is to read three books.  I have read the first 20 pages of “Dash of Style” and I’m about 100 pages into “The 11 Secrets of Getting Published.”  I read mainly on the weekends, so I feel okay about where I am here.

Last is commenting on and linking to 15 sites per week on Twitter.  I’m going to do some of this after I finish this blog.  There are so many great blogs that I think it will be pretty easy to find the blogs, but the time to comment and link can be daunting at times. 

So there is the Wednesday roundup of my goals.  So far this ROW80 has been pretty good.  I have to keep it up and make sure I stay motivated.  Thanks to all who have signed up for this blog.  I hope you enjoy your time in ROW80, and I look forward to seeing what you post.