Okay, we’re at the second check-in for ROW80, and things are still looking good.  There’s a lot going on in my life right now, but that’s okay, and I’m working it out while working on my ROW80 goals.  One item of note is that I passed 1,000 followers this week, which is pretty cool I think.  I did that in exactly six months, to the day.  Some people do it faster, but I think that’s a good pace.  So, here we go on goal updates.

My Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignment is due Wednesday, and I’m in good shape there.

Goal number two is to finish the Write It Forward class and adjust goals accordingly.  My 100 words has been tweaked and finalized, and I finished assignment #2 earlier today.

Third is the http://www.750words.com writing exercise.  I’ve written my 750 words each day except yesterday, which is okay because I allowed myself one off day per week. 

Fourth on the list is to read three books.  I have read 32 pages of “Dash of Style” and I’m about 25% through “11 Things to do to Get Published.”  I haven’t started “Outlander” but I anticipate starting on this during the coming week.

Last is commenting on and linking to 15 sites per week on Twitter.  I was close to 20, so I’m good here.  I really don’t anticipate this one being an issue as long as I do a few a day.

So that’s my Sunday roundup of my goals.  Thanks for stopping by.