Check-in number three for ROW80, and things getting a little hectic.  I’ve had some things come up that drained some time from me, but I’m getting back on track.  Take a look at where I am.

My Warrior Writer Boot Camp assignment is due today, and I’m in good shape to get that posted tonight, as I used my time to get it 95% complete.  I just need to tweak it a little before I submit it.

Goal number two is to finish the Write It Forward class and adjust goals accordingly.  My 100 words has been tweaked and finalized, I finished assignment #2 earlier Sunday, and assignment #3 is complete.

Third is the writing exercise.  I’ve written my 750 words each day except Saturday and Sunday, which is okay because I allowed myself one off day per week.  I took them back-to-back, so I’ll have to make sure not to skip a day the remainder of the week (I’ve already finished today’s).

Fourth on the list is to read three books.  I have not read anything additional since Sunday.  So far I have read 32 pages of “Dash of Style” and I’m about 25% through “11 Things to do to Get Published.”  I haven’t started “Outlander” but I anticipate starting on this during the coming week.  I really need to get back on this to make sure I don’t fall behind.

Last is commenting on and linking to 15 sites per week on Twitter.  I’m behind on this for the week, but it’s something I can quickly catch up on for the weekly number.

So that’s the Wednesday roundup of my goals.  I appreciate you stopping by.