Hello fellow ROWers,

I had a great week and accomplished quite a bit. The major breakthrough came from Kristen Lamb’s Write It Forward class. We worked on blog loglines, and her suggestion was:

Kerry Meacham’s Blog – Southern Comfort

It fits me, and the feel I want for my blog. After she gave me this, I’ve been thinking non-stop about themes, backgrounds, etc. It is a great class.

So here’s how things went:

I turned in my WWBC assignment and will finish Wednesday’s assignment later today.

As stated above, Write It Forward class is going well.

I wrote 750words six days this week, which meets goal.

I commented/linked on over 15 blogs this week.

My reading is a little behind, but I have some traveling in August, so I know I’ll be able to catch up then for sure.

All together a great week.