Things have been going well for me over the last few weeks.  I’m reenergized with the new direction of my writing, as I realize I want to write about The South and everything that entails, good and bad.  I’m excited about my Write It Forward class ending in the next week or so, as I have really enjoyed the class and once it is over I’ll have a complete gameplan for my blog and actually post something other than ROW80 updates.  The only goal I’m behind on is my reading, but I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling in August, and I always read a lot when I travel.  Therefore, I’m not overly concerned.

For those of you that commented on my new blog theme and look, I appreciate all the input and ideas.  Everyone seems to like the feel of the site, so I’m very pleased.  <<handing out glasses of iced tea to everyone>>

So this is an update, and here goes.

1 – WWBC is a reload.  I’ve discussed with everyone the new direction I’m going, and they’ve all been very supportive.  I won’t have an assignment to turn in today, but I’ve been instructed to take off today and submit my options for a new direction next week.  Not exactly meeting the goal I set, but I’m happier with the new direction I’m taking that I would have been had I stayed on the wrong road and met the goal.  Thanks to all my WWBC buds and their support.

2 – Write It Forward is going great.  It is coming to a close quickly.  It makes me sad in one aspect, because it has been so awesome.  However, the class will end in a week, and I’ll be posting my new goals for the rest of ROW80 once that’s done.  It will definitely entail regular scheduled blogging.

3 – 750 words is rolling right along.  I’m actually typing this using this morning and then transfering the information to my blog when I’m finished.  I’ve missed three days for the month, with my goal being to write 6 days each week.  So I’m in good shape here.

4 – I’m a little behind on my links/comments to 15 blogs per week, but it is not a big deal to catch up there.  I’ll definitely have that goal met this week.

5 – My reading is behind.  I have finished one book, but I’ve done little on the other two.  As mentioned earlier, I’ll make this up in August.

So overall I’m doing well.  How are you guys doing so far?  I hope you’re all meeting your goals this ROW80.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed the tea.