Hello everyone.  I hope y’all had a great week and met all your ROW80 goals, if you’re participating.  If you’re not, head on over to the website and join us.  It’s a great way to set goals and have an awesome support system of fellow writers.  If you do participate, I would highly recommend you try to find someone to buddy up with.  My ROWbro, Gene Lempp, wrote a great article about how we help each other out when he did his ROW80 Check-In this morning, so check it out.  You ROCK my friend.

With the exception of being behind on my reading, which I will catch up in August, I had a great week.

Goal #1 is to turn in my assignments on time for WWBC.  I changed directions this last week, and in doing so missed an assignment.  However, the change in direction necessitated this.  Basically, when I did the 100 word exercise in my WIF (Write It Forward) class, I realized I was writing in the wrong genre.  I love The South, and that’s what I need to be writing about.  I’m basically starting from scratch, but that’s okay.  I’d rather start over, and be doing what I should, than continue down a road not meant for me.  I want to thank all my WWBC counterparts.  My assignment for this week (Wednesday) is to rework my goals, and submit novel ideas to the group so they can help me decide on my next WIP (in case you didn’t notice, I’m an acronym junkie).  I’m in great shape on this assignment.

Goal #2 is to finish WIF and then restate my blog goals once the class is over.  Awesome Dipped In Glitter author Kristen Lamb is an amazing teacher, and her Magic Number post last week was great.  This class has completely changed not only how I’m going to blog, but it was the impetus for my change in direction.  I can see that I’ll be starting to post regularly, aside from just ROW80 check-ins, at some point in August.  I hope you like the new feel of my blog since Kristen gave me the “Southern Comfort” vibe as a log-line.  I’ll have Mashed Potatoes (Mash Ups – posted on Mondays), Sweet Tea Time (Stories told to a friend stopping by my front porch for a cold glass of tea – posted on Tuesdays), and Fried Green Tomatoes (Quirky and funny brain candy for the end of the week – posted on Fridays).  Props to all the WIF ladies for not taking pot shots at the only guy in the group.  Oh wait, that is except for Callene Rapp, who has decided to make it her mission to catch me in a happy dance and post it online.  😉  All kidding aside, it is a great group, and I would highly recommend anyone blogging to take this class.  The class, teacher, and participants are all stellar.

Goal #3 was originally to score 114 points each month in 750words.com writings.  I originally thought that’s what I would score if I did 750 words six days per week, but I had that score by the third week.  I am actually using that time to write this post today.  I only missed three days during the month, which is well within my actual goal of missing no more than four days.  If you aren’t using 750words.com to help you write, I would recommend you try it for a few days to see if it works for you too.

Goal #4 is to comment on or Twitter link to NLT 15 blogs per week.  I got way behind this last week, but I went past 15 yesterday to hit my goal.  BTW, if you’re trying to do this, you should use trunk.ly to keep up with where you’ve been, as well as see where your buddies have been.  Of course, that’s assuming your friends will let you do so. 😉

Goal #5 is the one I’m behind on.  I’ve read one of the three books I originally set out to read and post about, so I have to make up some ground in August.  That’s okay because I will be doing some traveling in August, and I tend to read a lot when I fly and when I’m in hotels at night.  I think I’ll be in great shape by August 17th on this goal.

So, there it is.  I’d love to hear about your goals and how you’re doing, regardless of whether or not you participate in ROW80.  Also, are you taking any classes to help your writing that you want to share?

*raises a glass of iced tea* Cheers,