Hello and welcome,

I’m sitting on my couch writing this update and still groaning from food overload last night. I’m traveling on business this week, so my wife took me out for an early birthday celebration dinner last night. Trust me when I say bread, salad, shrimp Alexander, filet mignon, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and a chocolate cake with gooey center, raspberries, and vanilla ice cream are way too much food to consume at one sitting. However, I gave it my best shot and was successful in packing it ALL away. It was awesome, but GROAN…..

Anyway, on to my goals.

WWBC assignment for this week is a little in limbo, but shouldn’t be a problem in completing.

WIF workshop was great, and I plan on making my first non-ROW80 blog Tuesday. My blog log-line is Kerry Meacham ~ Southern Comfort. But you already know that since you’re here. I’m going to have the following three days of posts, plus Row80 check-ins. Mashed Potatoes – A mash up on Monday from blogs of the previous week. Sweet Tea Time – Stories from the front porch with a southern slant/twist/perspective, which is my high concept day on Tuesday. Fried Green Tomatoes – thus is brain candy on Fridays, that will have funny videos, sites, and jokes to end the week with a smile. Wish me luck.

750 words is going good. After today I’ll have 6 of 7 days, which is my goal. Off to do that next.

15 comments/links to/of other writers per week was completed yesterday.

This is the week to catch up on reading while I’m out of town. I’m looking forward to some good reading time while I’m out.

So how are the rest of you guys doing? Let us know.