Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by.  Tonight is going to be a short one.  I’ve been on the road until tonight, so I’m pretty tired and want to get this posted and hit the hay.  So here goes it on my goals.

  1. WWBC assignment isn’t due until next Wednesday.  I submitted ideas for new direction in novel, and I made a choice Monday.  I was told to submit antag next Wednesday.  I’m pretty excited.
  2. WIF is continuing, but it’s mainly tweeking now.  I did my first non-ROW80 post yesterday, and it got a good response.  It was about the best way to have sweet tea, and how it and other drinks can bring back memories.  My next post is Fried Green Tomato Friday.  It’ll be a quirky day, kind of like fried green tomatoes.  😉
  3. Okay, 750 words is in trouble.  I missed three of the last four days.  I did it tonight before posting here.  Basically, I now only have four days I can miss before the end of ROW80 or I miss my goal.  I’m going to have to put together several days in a row or I’ll miss this one. 
  4. I did great on my “road reading” while I was out of town.  I finished “A Dash of Style” and loved it.  I’ll do a post on it before the end of ROW80.  I also read a few pages of my last book today, but I’ve got a long way to go on that one before it’s finished.
  5. 15 comments is a little behind, but I can catch up pretty fast on that.

So all in all I’m in decent shape, but not exactly setting the world on fire.  How are you guys doing?  Have a great rest of the week.