Good morning and welcome to ROW80 Wednesday Check-In.  I’m running a little behind this morning, so I’ll get right to it.

–  WWBC assignment is due today, and I’m in good shape to get that finished.

–  WIF class is now mostly about support.  My main goal for the remainder of ROW80 now is to make sure I post three times per week, not including ROW80 updates, and have no less than 5 posts queued for Sweet Tea Tuesday (currently 2 in queue) and Fried Green Tomato Friday (this is done, with 9 in queue).

–  750words is going well.

–  I’ve already made 18 comments/links this week, so I’m way ahead of schedule.

–  My reading is still behind.  Man, this seems to always get pushed back somehow.  I really have to focus on this and “get ‘er done.”

So how are you doing with your goals this week?