Welcome to Sweet Tea Tuesday.  Have a seat in the porch swing, and we’ll talk a while.  Here’s a nice tall glass of iced tea for you.  Take a load off and enjoy yourself.

This past week I had two of my friends “tag” me to write “10 Random Things About Me” in a future blog post.  Linda Burke and Gene Lempp are great people, so I guess I’ll give it a whirl.  So here goes….

#10 – I grew up in the 92nd smallest county in Tennessee, Houston County.  The county population today is 8,426.  A great place to grow up, and my parents still live in the house my grandfather built.  Awesome front porch by the way.

#9 – I flunked out of college at age 19 because I couldn’t pass Freshman English.  Then over 20 years later I was an honors graduate with an EMBA from Vanderbilt University.  Just goes to show you how “want to” makes a huge difference.  Oh yeah, I also didn’t have a graduate student trying to make a name for herself in the English department when I was 40 either.  No, I’m not bitter.

#8 – My best friend and I dressed up as KISS with our dates for Halloween when we were in college.  Do you think that might have had something to do with the Freshman English thing?  Nah, probably not.  Anyway, years later my daughter had a friend who knew Steven Tyler’s daughter (not Liv) and went backstage at an Aerosmith/KISS concert.  I warned her about Gene Simmons, like any good father would.  Yep, you guessed it.  She met him.  She told him I had warned her about him.  He laughed.  Then she told him about the college Halloween thing.  He didn’t laugh.  It just made him feel old.

#7 – I was a boilermaker welder for several years, and I can still weld.  It’s pretty much like riding a bike.  I worked mostly in coal-fired steam plants in the TVA system, but one job I had was working on a steam generator in a reactor at the Milestone Nuclear plant in Niantic, CT.  Weird thing working in a nuclear plant.  You know the radiation is there, but you can’t see it, taste it, or smell it.  During the three week period I worked there, I was only in the steam generator a total of 45 minutes it was so radioactive.  During that time I received the maximum allowed radiation for a quarter and was laid off.

#6 – The second coolest thing I ever won is a bottle of Maker’s Mark with my name on the label and gold wax on the top instead of red.  This was presented to me by the govenor of Kentucky for being the “Automotive Executive of the Year” for the Global Automotive conference in 2006.

#5 – THE coolest thing I ever won was tickets to the 1999 Super Bowl between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams.  Unfortunately, the Rams won.  I won the tickets by beating out about 200 other people in a poetry contest.  The poem had to be on one page, have the radio station call letters (WTN) and numbers (99.7), the sponsor’s name (The Fitness Zone), and be about the Titans (I was living in Nashville at the time).  If you want to read it go here.

#4 – The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature is whale watching.  My wife and I went on a boat off of Provincetown, MA last year to go whale watching.  They said it was the most whales they had ever seen on a single trip.  Truly awe inspiring.  This one came up so close you could see the sand eels trying to escape out of his mouth while he was feeding.

#3 – The coolest sports moment I’ve ever been a part of was The Music City Miracle.  This video shows the play.  If you stop it at exactly 14 seconds into the video, you’ll see a guy to the bottom right of the screen in the end zone with a #90 jersey on.  That’s me, and my wife is standing next to me. 

I’ve never been in a crowd that went that crazy before.  You also have to remember that just a few seconds before this happened that the Buffalo Bills scored a field goal to take the lead.  There were only 16 seconds left.  It STILL gives me chills EVERY time I watch it.

#2 & #1 – The coolest thing(s) I’ve ever done period – Okay, it’s a tie.  Picking the right woman to marry, and having a child with her.  It just doesn’t get any better than having a great family.  I love them both so much that I can’t explain how good it feels.  They both make me smile every time I see them, and I couldn’t be prouder.

So who are the four people I’m going to tag to give us “10 Random Things About Me” on their blog?

Jami GoldPiper BayardCarrie SpencerClay Morgan

Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you a few random things about me.  So, what’s the coolest or most random thing you’ve ever done, been a part of, or seen?  Here’s another glass of tea to wet your whistle while you tell me.  Okay, I know you’re typing it, but let’s not get too technical here folks.  ~clink~