Hey everyone!!!  Welcome to the ROW80 Wednesday check-in.  Things have been a little crazy with my traveling back to Tennesse, then to California, and back to St. Louis tomorrow.  But that’s okay.  I’ve been staying on top of things pretty well.

  • WWBC assignment is due tomorrow, and that shouldn’t be an issue.  I have maybe 30 minutes now to finish that up before turning in.
  • WIF blogs are okay.  I missed my Mashed Potato Monday Mashup because of time constraints, but I’ll make up for it next week.
  • 750 words is now at 21 days and counting.  It’s starting to become a habit, which I think is so cool.
  • 15 comments/links are a little behind, but I can catch up during the holiday weekend.
  • Last book is coming along.  I’m 1/4 way through, and I’ll have quite a bit of reading time tomorrow as I travel.

All in all not too shabby.  So, how are your ROW80 goals going, or if you’re not in ROW80, how are your writing goals going this week.  Pull up a chair and tell us all about it.  Here’s a glass of tea to cool you down. ~clink~