Welcome to my front porch, and here’s a glass of sweet tea to refresh and relax.  We’ll talk about whatever comes to mind, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

My wife and I weren’t able to go back to Tennessee this year for a family reunion that takes place every Sunday before Labor Day.  Oddly though I didn’t feel a disconnect like I normally would by not going.  Now I won’t lie and say I enjoy all parts of family reunions, like schlepping ourselves down there, listening to embarassing stories about my childhood, and the “roll call” that this particular reunion has (that’s another story).  But I do enjoy visiting with my family, old friends, and of course the southern cooking that is on brilliant display at this event.

I starting thinking about why the disconnect isn’t there, and I think it is because of the Internet.  I have a Facebook page where numerous family members are friends.  Most of these people I used to only see once a year, at the family reunion.  And quite frankly, I have more conversations online that I used to in person.  I can also keep up with what’s going on in their lives, in real time rather than a once a year 15 minute download (no pun intended).

So if that’s the case, what I’m really missing is momma’s cream corn and fudge pie, Aunt Lavelle’s sauer kraut, Bret’s smoked venison, and various aunt’s, uncle’s, and cousin’s recipes of sweet potato casserole, chicken & dumplin’s, cornbread, fresh garden veggies, fried chicken, beans (numerous varieties), pulled pork, deviled eggs (yes Minnie, with paprika), and three tables stacked high with cakes, pies, and cookie’s.  Sweet tea?  HA!  I can’t believe you even asked.  That just goes without sayin’.  Excuse me while I go get a napkin to wipe the dribble off of my keyboard………..Now, that’s better.  It is a feast that will take at least three days to get back to normal from.

So, do you still go to family reunions?  Did you ever?  If so, what’s your favorite part?  Do you keep up with distant relatives via the Internet?  Do you really want to?  Come on, you can be honest here.  You’re among friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I see your glass is empty.  I’ll be happy to pour you another if you’d like to make a comment.  Great. *pouring* ~clink~ So what’s your best family reunion story?