In the video link below, the videographer shows some funny situations, with what appears to be normal sports in unnatural settings.  Our writing can be like that too if we put specific items in the wrong genre.  Most of the time it doesn’t work well at all.  Sometimes it’s unintentionally funny.  Sometimes, like with the unsuspecting targets of these pranks, the reader is left scratching his head, or possibly angry.

Can you really put genres within genres?

Have you tried this before, and if you did, how did it work?

When have you seen this tried by others where it did or didn’t work?  If it worked well, how did they pull it off?  Why did they do it?

Another quirky FGT Friday.  Join in the madness on my front porch.  Maybe we’ll shoot basketballs into passing open sunroofs.  Here’s a glass of iced tea to cool you down from all that activity.  Leave a comment, or just enjoy the afternoon.  It’s all good. ~clink~