Hello everyone.  I’m in a little bit of a rush writing this post, so I’ll get right down to business with this week’s Mashed Potato Monday.

There were several 9/11 posts this past week.  Below are two that I especially thought captured that day.

Always Remember, Never Forget | Bridgette Booth

Remember « Kate Wood’s Blog  

We all have those special people in our lives that changed us for the better.  Five Years Ago « EduClaytion post is his rememberance of a special teacher.  Great stuff.

I Got Tagged! Ten Random Facts About Me « Diana Murdock’s Blog If you don’t know Diana, she is way cool.  Get to know her, and her blog. 

Kathy keeps posting these darn series each week.  How the heck do you expect me to read all of these?  😉  K.B. Owen, mystery writer » Blog Archive » Masters of Mystery – Dame Frevisse is the latest installment of Kathy Owen’s Masters of Mystery series.

Designing from Bones: Kitchen of Time « Gene Lempp’s Blog is a continuation of his series using things from the past to spark our writing imagination.  Food?  Count me in.  Interesting stuff on the history of food and its preparation.  Deep fried foods started in Egypt with the falafel?  Humm.  I wonder who the first person to actually eat an oyster was?  I love oysters myself, but I can’t imagine thinking that would be a good thing if I didn’t already know they were edible.  I can see one caveman challenging the other.  “I’ll bet you two spears and a hand ax that you won’t eat that.”  I digress.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author If you know Jami, you probably wonder how her mind works.  Or maybe it would scare you more if you did know. 😉  Anyway, find out how she used a spam message to spark a short story.  Evidently there are low-class hornet’s snuggeries in the world.  Who knew?

In a continuation of the “it would scare me to know how her mind works” theme, check out Fashionable Apparel for People Like Me – Crazy Cat Lady Goes Shopping | | Carrie Spencer Author – Romance with a Mule KickCarrie Spencer Author – Romance with a Mule Kick Funny stuff Carrie.

Yes, I have one more “scary mind” to add to the mix.  I Could Model For Pretty Polly « Donna Newton’s Blog I laugh every time I open this up.  You kill me Donna.

Jill Kemerer: 5 Reasons to Read Jody Hedlund’s The Doctor’s Lady is a great post.  If you haven’t read Jody’s The Preacher’s Wife, I highly recommend it as well.  Awesome writing.

Holmes does a great job of taking us back to a time when communism was thought by some to be the way of the future.  Kim Philby: Who’d have Thought? « Author Piper Bayard Take a read of this for pre-WWII intrigue.

I wish I had time to add more, but I have to go.  Thanks for the great posts guys.