After coming back from the Titans’ win over the Broncos yesterday, I didn’t have time to write this until early today.  I also have quite a bit to do at work, so I need to go in early.  Therefore, I’m going to hold my MPM to 10 posts.  Here they are, in no particular order.

To forgive and forget – Easier said than done – Diana Murdock – Diana always writes from the heart, and this post is no exception.

Religion in Novels: Terrific or Taboo? — Guest: Jody Hedlund | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author  – Two great people, Jami and Jody.  Even if you don’t write religious fiction you should read this post.


K.B. Owen, mystery writer » Blog Archive » Gotta go? 19th century toilets move indoors – Where does Kathy get this stuff?  😉


Three Keys to a Successful Author Platform–All This & a Bag of Chips « Kristen Lamb’s Blog – The Queen of Social Networking always has great posts.  This is no exception.  I took this class in July-August, and I highly recommend it.


Designing from Bones – The Elements of Culture « Gene Lempp’s Blog – Who knew there were so many interesting things about Cyprus.  Gene continues to rock with his “Designing from Bones” seried.  Check it out


Is it okay to lie to your love? Jillian Dodd – Do we really want the truth, or is it better to tell a white lie every once in a while? 

Who wants a cruzin cooler? Natalie Hartford – Okay, having spent a lot of time with Canadians, I can see these being sold out by….I don’t know….TODAY in Canada.

The God – Kate Wood – Kate rocks it again with her in depth information on different aspects of the Celtic world.

Which One Are You? « Author Piper Bayard – Okay, so you’re the one that does this, huh?  Take a read and fess up.

Minions, the antagonist, the thematic antagonist and the Founding Fathers | Bob Mayer’s Blog – Great post on antagonist and minions.  A must read.

Brasov – Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania – Nicole Basaraba – Want to get away and discover out of the way places?  Then check out Nicole’s blog.

Okay, I know I have 11 instead of 10.  So sue me.  I also know I have some formating issues, but I simply don’t have time to figure it out today.  I hope you enjoy them anyway.