Well, my Tennessee Titans got mashed by the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, so I’m a little down about that.  But hey, I’ve got some great blogs to tell you about, so it’s all good.  I’ve read so many great blogs this week that I could have listed twice as many.  So take a peak through them and see what you think.  ~clink~

I do have to make a plug for my first ever guest post at Clay Morgan’s blog, so check out Music City Miracle « EduClaytion

While I’m at it, I’ll make a plug for my ROWbro – Zoo Arcane – Slayer Spirits and the Unredeemed « Gene Lempp’s Blog

Tamika Eason’s brand new blog has a great start with Beautifully Broken

Diana Murdock tells us about Random Acts Of Kindness – Like a Good Meal, It Fills Us Up

Bob Mayer tells us about Leadership & Ulysses S. Grant | Bob Mayer’s Blog

Richard Davis inspired tomorrow’s Sweet Tea Tuesday post for me with “the one that got away” in his amazing photography Katy Rodeo

Jami Gold does it again, as she asks the question – Are Writers Entrepreneurs?

I’ll let the crazy cat woman’s post title speak for itself.  Get the chainsaw honey, let’s carve a pumpkin | | Carrie Spencer Author – Romance with a Mule KickCarrie Spencer Author – Romance with a Mule Kick

I’ll throw this one in for the ladies (no, I didn’t vote on this one).  MANday – Cowboy Take ME Away….. | Jillian Dodd

And last, but certainly not least, a post from north of the border, with Natalie Hartford who declares, I’m in a battle with jeans…

I hope you enjoy these posts, and come back again soon. ~clink~  Yes, I know I clinked twice.  So sue me. ~clink~