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I saw a great photography post from Richard Davis, and it got me to thinking about how as writers we can take as much time as we like to build a picture for our reader.  That can be a curse and a blessing.

You see, photographers capture THE CURRENT moment, while painters capture A SPECIFIC moment.  The photographer, to a certain degree, is at the mercy of their surroundings, as in the picture Richard talked about in his post.  The painter is at the mercy of his ability to create not only a painting but a style too.  I can appreciate both art forms, but I believe writers are more like painters, because we capture a specific moment.

The reason this can be a curse is we have an almost unlimited amount of time to build our SPECIFIC moment.  I’m talking more scene here than complete story.  So a novel is basically a series of painting numerous scenes, with words, that complete a portfolio to tell a story.  It could be argued that we’re more like a movie director/producer, but I would contend that even Steven Spielberg has a limited budget and time.  As painters and writers, we can go on forever if we want to.  Unfortunately, because we can go on forever, some of us tend to do just that.  *whistles and looks around to avoid eye contact*  Maybe the first draft, or a NaNo exercise, is more like photography that we bring to the table in order to make the final product, which is more like a painting.

So what are your thoughts on this?  I can be persuaded if you have a good argument for photographer.  Here’s another glass of tea.  Tell me your thoughts.  ~clink~