Hello, and welcome to my ROW80 Wednesday Check-In for 10/12/11.  I’m having to do this the day before, because I’ll be in flight to Philly pretty early Wednesday (6:15 a.m.).  So here goes.

  • My NaNoWriMo Road Map is progressing nicely.  I finished this week’s lessons on Sunday and forwarded them to Jennifer.  We have a call planned for Thursday night to review the information.
  • WWBC doesn’t have an evo due this week, but I did get my critique back Tuesday, so I’ll have one due next Wednesday.
  • My 3X/week blogs + ROW80 check-ins are moving right along.
  • I’ve been able to keep up with my ROW80 sponsoring duties, and I really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing with their goals.

So, how is your ROW80 going?  Have you hooked up with a ROWbro or ROWsista?  If you want to, go here and click the ROWbro/ROWsista Linky to see if you can find someone that you match up with.  Until Sunday, ROCK THE ROW!!! ~clink~