I need to throw out a couple of ROW80 goal adjustments to you guys.  As Gene Lempp, my ROWbro extraordinaire, explained in his check-in post, we’re going into a no whine mode regarding exercise.  Seriously, if I was as creative in my writing as I am in making up excuses for not exercising I would be set.

Gene emailed me last night about wanting to drop exercise from his ROW80 goals because, “I’m beginning to wonder if I need exercise given that I’m so active naturally.”  Hummm, what’s that smell?  Initially, being the good ROWbro that I am, I called him out and asked if he was rationalizing.  Being the introspective guy that he is, he immediately agreed.  The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I was BSing myself too.  Let’s go down the “Why I Can’t Don’t Exercise” list:

  • Not enough time
  • Too many other things to do
  • I use my morning time to write
  • I’m too tired when I get home
  • I need to lose about 10 pounds, and THEN I’ll exercise
  • I’ll start next week
  • I’ll wait until January*
  • I could go on, but you’re probably already getting bored with these lame excuses.

So Gene and I chatted this morning, and we’re going to have accountability to each other, and to you guys at ROW80, for our fitness goals.

Additionally, I have adjusted my blogging goals to give myself the best chance of success.  My reasoning is that I’ve done three NaNos, and I know how taxing it can be.  I can queue up Sweet Tea Tuesday, Fried Green Tomato Friday, and to some extent ROW80 Check-In blogs.  However, I can’t queue up Mashed Potato Monday due to the interaction required for both reading blogs and posting the mashup.  I truly think my time to read blogs will be very limited during NaNo, and that time will probably need to be spent reading ROW80 Check-Ins to meet my sponsorship responsibilities (#5s ROCK!!!).  Therefore, I’m going to a once a month “Mashed Potato Monthly Monster Mashup.”

So here are my goals:

  • Continue with NaNo Road Map and do NaNo in November.  I turned in my exercises last week, and I’m awaiting this week’s exercises.
  • Continue with WWBC.  I’m working on my backstory, and I will have my log-line turned in Wednesday.
  • Change from blogging 3X/week to 2X/week, plus a once monthly “Mashed Potato Monthly Monster Mashup.”
  • Continue with ROW80 sponsor responsibilities.  Still loving this.
  • Exercise 3x/week for NLT 30 minutes.  I’m still working on the exact exercises, but I am starting TODAY.  *I’m making a reverse New Year’s Resolution, i.e. it will be accomplished by 1/1/2012.  By 1/1/2012 I will be in the 150’s, i.e. less than 160 pounds.  This will be a loss as of this morning of 23.6 pounds or more.  This is 11 weeks, at just over 2 pounds per week.  That is doable (I’ve lost 25 in 10 weeks before).  My New Year’s Resolution will be to maintain my weight in the 150’s.

So there you have it.  Let me know your thoughts on my changes.  How are each of you doing?  Did you get you a ROWbro/sista?  How’s it working out?  Stay strong and Rock The ROW!!! ~clink~