My good friend K.B. Owen inspired this morning’s blog with her last post about penguin sweaters.  Those little sweaters just look warm don’t they?  The reason it inspired this post is that my grandmother used to knit and crochet all year long, but when the first cold spell hit, get out of her way.  She was a knitting/crocheting megatron.

I currently live in St. Louis.  Yes, I know that’s not in The South, but I thing being southern is an attitude not a latitude.  Yes, I can see the parrotheads smiling.  Anyway, yesterday the weather definitely turned, and we’re supposed to be below freezing by Wednesday night.  There always seems to be a cold snap that signals winter is just around the bend, and I think this is it.

When I lived in middle Tennesse, the end of the World Series signaled the end of summer.  Since they’ve lengthened the season so much, I think maybe that doesn’t quite do it now.  Others say summer is over on Labor Day.  I think it depends to a very large degree, no pun intended, on where you live.  I mean let’s get real, my buds Natalie Hartford and Jillian Dodd are going to have totally different perspectives on when winter sets in, because Nat lives in New Brunswick and Jill lives in Texas.

So how do you know summer is over and winter is just ahead?  Does your family start/stop doing things when this happens, like my grandmother used to do with her knitting flurry?  What’s your favorite season?  Give us your perspective.  Thanks for coming. ~clink~