I’m doing this from the road, so here we go.

  • Continue with NaNo Road Map and do NaNo in November. I finished last week’s assignment and working on the last week of my road map before starting on NaNo next Tuesday. I’m going to have some time to queue up blogs this week, so I better have them ready by next weekend.
  • Continue with WWBC. I got feedback on my log-line and waiting on evo 2.
  • Change from blogging 3X/week to 2X/week, plus a once monthly “Mashed Potato Monthly Monster Mashup.” Still blogging along.
  • Continue with ROW80 sponsor responsibilities. I will try to get to as many as I can today, but it’ll be difficult being on the road and doing it from my phone. I’ll give it the old college try though.
  • Exercise 3x/week for NLT 30 minutes. I’m still working on the exact exercises, but I am starting TODAY. *I’m making a reverse New Year’s Resolution, i.e. it will be accomplished by 1/1/2012. By 1/1/2012 I will be in the 150′s, i.e. less than 160 pounds. This will be a loss as of this morning of 23.6 pounds or more. This is 11 weeks (goal set on 10/16/11), at just over 2 pounds per week. That is doable (I’ve lost 25 in 10 weeks before). My New Year’s Resolution will be to maintain my weight in the 150′s. I did three sessions of 30 minute stationary bike rides (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday) and four ab workouts at randomabs.com. I’ll weigh when I get back home to see how I did on my weight during week one.

So how are your goals going? ~clink~