Welcome all.  Have a seat for a quick glass of iced tea, and let me ask you a simple question, “Why does comfort food make you feel so uncomfortable?”

I was visiting my in-laws this past weekend, and as most of you know that read my blog regularly, my mother-in-law is an awesome southern cook.  Well, this weekend was no exception.

Saturday Night’s Meal – Sweet tea (of course), fried chicken, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas (from last year’s garden), turnip greens (picked that afternoon from the garden), sliced tomatoes (picked the previous day from the garden), and cornbread.  Oh yeah, and two no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for dessert (my #2 dessert, just behind my mother’s fudge pie).

Sunday Morning Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, country ham, hashbrown potatoes, sliced tomatoes, biscuits, gravy, and homemade peach preserves.

Now if you’re a ROW80 person, you know I’m trying to lose weight.  Yeah…um, no.  Didn’t happen this week.  It was comfort food, but I was highly uncomfortable after eating these meals.

So why do we tend to eat too much when we’re presented meals like this, or is it just me?  Is it JUST because it is so good, or are there other factors involved?  If you’re able to eat rationally when presented this type of meal, please share with me so I know the secret.  I’m alway thinking, “Oh, I can just eat a little of everything.”  That hasn’t worked out so well for me up to now.  Any thoughts or strategies?