Another short and sweet one, as my computer has tanked a couple of times on me this morning already, and I’m having to do this from a less than easy to type on device.

1) NaNo – 22,459 words
2) WWBC – Revising BBT this weekend
3) Blogs – Rolling right along
4) ROW80 sponsorship – Still on top of this
5) Exercise – I’ve had two sessions this week, so I’m on track.*

* I made a reverse New Year’s resolution a few weeks back regarding weight loss. I neglected to take the holidays into account, and I see that my goal of over 20 pounds just isn’t going to be possible now. I’m revising my goal to just hit my exercise goal of three stationary bike sessions per week, while doing my best to eat well the remainder of the year. I’ll get into my reasoning a little more on my Sunday post when I have an actual keyboard to type on. Thanks for stopping by.