Hello all,

I’m writing this several days before Thanksgiving, because I know I won’t have the time to write it during the holiday.  I just want to tell you what I’m thankful for.

  • My family – I have a wonderful wife, daughter, parents, and in-laws.  I’m truly blessed.
  • My work – I’m referring to my day job here.  The company I work for is solid and has great people.  I rarely have major issues with those I manage, and it makes the rest of my life much easier.
  • My writing – This includes not just what I write, and how I write, but those around me that encourage my growth as I write.  This means you guys.  It is amazing how many of you take the time to read my blog and then give advice, or comments, or encouragement.  It means a lot to me.
  • My country – I am blessed to live in a country that allows me the freedoms I enjoy.  I am also thankful for those men and women that have served this country, or continue to do so, and especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.
  • My God – Who has blessed me with the things above, and so much more.

I won’t go any longer than that.  I know there are numerous other things I could list, but those are the ones that come to mind first.  I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’ll see you on Sunday for tne ROW80 check-in.