Between a hectic work schedule and fighting a cold, I’ve done very little on writing this week. I’m hoping my cold has taken a turn for the better this morning so I can catch up on some things this week. I’m doing this on iPhone, but I’ll have Internet access tomorrow and can catch up. Have a great week.

1) PlotWriMo – I’ve been reading them, and saving info for future reference.
2) WWBC – I’ve not done anything this week.
3) ROW80 – I did last Wednesday, and plan on doing today, so technically I’m fulfilling my obligation.
4) Blogs – I’ve not blogged since last Sunday. I plan on getting back on track Tuesday.
5) Exercise – I did statbike at home this week, so I didn’t give my cold to my gym buddies.

Not a great week, but I’m glad I’m starting to feel better. So how was your week?