Hey guys.  I think I’ve finally shaken this cold.  I’ve been working, but there has been absolutely no gas in the tank for writing.  Thanks for all the kind wishes while I’ve been under the weather.  I really appreciate it.  My writing goals have suffered, but I plan on finishing this ROW80 strong for the last week.

  • PlotWriMo – Continuing to read and store this information for future use.
  • WWBC – Nothing this week, but I will definitely have my protag posted next Wednesday.
  • ROW80 – I did do some encouragement Sunday, but I’ll hit it hard today.
  • Blog – Suffered terribly during my cold, but I’m back on track now.
  • Exercise – I did RandomAbs.com workout today while on the road, and plan on BodyPump Friday morning and Sunday.

How is your week going?  ~clink~