Hello everyone. I hope you’re almost finished shopping, because Christmas is almost here. I’m actually feeling human again, and I like it. Christmas carols don’t bother me nearly as bad when I’m not coughing and in a Nyquil/Zicam induced coma. So how have things gone since Wednesday?

1) Still saving PlotWriMo info for next year’s rewrite.
2) I’m working on protag for Wednesday, but it’s not looking good. I have to hash out a couple of things before I’ll be ready.
3) ROW80 sponsoring is good. I was able to hit most everyone, and will definitely do that today.
4) Blog posts went up, so I was good there.
5) Exercise was good, with ab exercises during the week and a BodyPump yesterday at…..6:55 a.m.

So how was your week? Don’t let up in the home stretch. ~clink~