Going To The Super Bowl

If you’re not familiar with the 1999 Tennessee Titans’ season, you’ll need to know who the different people and places are in the poem below.

Willie and Plaz are Willie Daunic and George Plaster.  They were radio hosts for 99.7 WTN that year.  The Wildhorse and The Dome are the Wildhorse Saloon where they broadcast before each game, and The Dome is the Georgia Dome where the Super Bowl was played that year.  The Fitness Zone was the sponsor of the contest.  Steve, Frank, Al, and Bruce are Steve McNair, Frank Wycheck, Al Del Greco, and Bruce Matthews of the Tennessee Titans.  If you’re a football fan, you can probably figure out the rest.

The contest was for two club level seats to the Super Bowl, with a limosine ride from Nashville to Atlanta and back for the game.

Going To The Super Bowl by Kerry Meacham

Oh, Willie’s at the Wildhorse, and Plaz is at The Dome

And when we beat St. Louis, we’ll bring Lombardi home.

We beat them once in Nashville.  We’ll beat them twice, you’ll see.

‘Cause when it comes to football, there’s none like Tennessee.

Just ask the Jags about us.  If now they realize.

That nothing stops the Titans from bringing home the prize.

Not even Payton Manning, or good ole Buffalo.

Can keep the Titans’ fireball from gettin’ to the show.

The Rams cried foul in Nashville.  Your fans are way too loud.

But they had never been here, or heard a Titans’ crowd.

We’ll go down to Atlanta, each one a Titans’ fan.

We’ll still be their advantage.  We’ll still be their 12th man.

I’ll ride down in the limo and celebrate the win,

with Steve and Frank and Al and Bruce and WTN.

And when I win these tickets I’ll be in football heaven.

Thanks to the fans at Fitness Zone and 99 point 7.


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